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When is baseball an art?

There is generally not much art to be found in baseball. Perhaps the uniforms are 'pretty,' and the seventh inning singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is sung on key. But most folks go to the ballpark to see the power of a hitter, the graceful flight of a home run ball clearing the center field fence. Arts fans and critics are not at the ball field to see a play or attend a concert.

However, if you go an 'old-time' baseball game you are seeing the game of baseball played as it was in 1869--when Ulysses S. Grant was president, the nation's centennial was still seven years in the future, and the Civil War only four years in the past--you are seeing a very different game. It's more akin to going to a theatrical performance, perhaps, than to a modern game of baseball.

Actually, with very different uniforms and rules, it might be difficult to recognize the sport as baseball, softball . . . perhaps. The pitcher tosses the ball underhand, the players catch the ball barehanded, and the uniforms don't seem to much resemble those of today. Still it is great fun to get out and root for Lexington's local Bluegrass Barons as they take the field at Waveland State Historic Site. Take a chair and watch baseball being played not before thousands at Whitaker Bank Field but simply in a field on a Sunday afternoon.

The Bluegrass Baron's schedule of local games played at Waveland, except as noted:

May 16 Cincinnati Reds HOF

June 19 Cincinnati Reds HOF (played at Shaker Village)

June 20 The Waveland Cup

July 31 White Water BBC, Ind.

Aug 29 Dayton Clodbusters

Oct 10 The Commonwealth Cup

Admission is free at Waveland State Historic Site. Admission to Shaker Village is required to attend that game. In both instances, bring your own chair.


A recent article about the Bluegrass Barons in the Winchester Sun:

Information about the Bluegrass Barons can be found on their Facebook page:

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