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Take a look around this website. Under "blog" you will actually find TWO blogs, Arts Filled Life which is a few days old and Country Traffic Jam which I both read and "finished" in 2014.

The Arts Filled Life will deal with topics related to the arts,generally. Some posts will likely be expansions of topics first discussed in my Winchester Sun arts columns and topics that really are not appropriate for the column. (For example, a trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City is not likely to be in the column unless it has an exhibit by a Kentucky artist as my column is supposed to be focused on Kentucky arts events/places/people.) But the blog would certainly discuss my trip to MOMA.

Country Traffic Jam was created by me in early 2014 when I challenged myself to write a poem a day for six months. Ultimately, I wrote well over 200 poems during that six month period some of which were compiled into the book Seasons (JW Books) which also contained pictures by Jeanine Grant Lister. Seasons is available for purchase; click on the site's GREEN 'Buy" button and you'll be taken to Amazon's website to purchase it.

Theatre has been a primary interest of mine as far back as elementary school. At various times I have been an actor, director, stage manager, producer, and playwright. So there is a lot on this website about theatre. Right now there is much to be found about my own plays, particularly "Boats Against the Current" my full-length play. Boats was first produced in 2019 by Flashback Theater, Somerset, KY; the review is under "Plays" though many production pictures of the show (all by Nick Lacy) can be found scattered around the website, not just under Plays.

A link to Nick Lacy photography can be found under "Products and Resources" (Under "More")

Other plays,typically 10-minute plays, are listed by title and with a brief synopsis. Under each named play you can read a few pages of the script. If you'd like to discuss a possible production of any of those plays--or of Boats, of course-- please contact me directly either by phone or by using the contact form.

I have edited two anthologies of plays by Kentucky playwrights, Seasons, and have compiled seven short documents available for download related to theatre including a 32 page listing of all of Kentucky's amateur and professional theatres located in Kentucky. This listing is available for just $2.99 in my Etsy Store as are the others that include lists of Non-profit Arts Presenters and Venues for Rent. More lists of resources helpful to Kentucky writers will be forthcoming. Next up will be a listing of Kentucky's literary magazines.

Under "Columns, Features and Op-Eds" you will find a wide selection of my arts columns that have run in the Winchester Sun, as well as op-eds that have run in a wide variety of Kentucky newspapers/media including Lexington Herald-Leader; Kentucky Forward, Northern Kentucky Tribune, and Midway Messenger, and a smattering of flash fiction pieces.

Under "About" you will find a brief biography of me. Additional information about my background and career can be found on my linked in page. And within the next few weeks I also expect that a CV will also make an appearance; I am working on tweaking it now.

Thank you for visiting. Come back soon!

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