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Looking for a new hobby?

Have an interest in sculpture? Love animals? Recently, I found a book at the local library that brought these two very different interests together. A book called Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay : How to Create Stunning Wildlife Art Using Patterns and My Easy-to Make, No Mess Paper Mache Recipe The New Way to Paper Mache by Jonie Good (Wet Cat Books, LeGrande, OR, 2010) can get you started.

The book contains clear directions and over 250 pictures to help you develop the skills required to create wildlife art with the usual mess and clean up required by papier mache. Indeed, creating life-like animal sculptures may never be so much fun. And if --after lots of practice--your creations wind up at arts fairs in Lexington, Berea or elsewhere, well, I wouldn't be surprised.

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