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Kentucky venues

If you are a playwright, a director, producer, performer, or actor check out the listings of theatres and venues. If you have an 'act' --singing, dancing etc-- and are seeking a place to perform a VENUE is what you need. The list of venues available across the state makes clear that it is possible to tour your act from Paducah to Pikeville , from Pikeville to Louisville and a whole raft of other Kentucky communities as well. The Venues document lists the names of venues, addresses, phone numbers, websites, contact persons. Some venues include technical capabilities of their facilities, some do not. Additionally, there is typically information on their websites listing capacity for various configurations (if more than one is possible) and sometimes the types of groups that the venue is best suited for.Occasionally, you may be able to download the venue's contract.

To purchase and download this document visit the website and click on BUY.

Below is a picture of the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center in Lexington

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