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It's Not Too Late

It's not too late to write your first radio play script. If you need advice, re-read my article in Undermain, the online arts magazine linked below.

On the other hand, maybe you'd just like to hear some examples? In that instance, on April 11th from 7pm to 9pm join the Kentucky Playwrights Workshop as they do Zoom readings of 10-minute "Theatre of the Mind" pieces. Some no doubt will be perfect--as is. Others may well need 'work'--but that's the purpose of the readings session: to give playwrights feedback on their writing, to provide ideas about how to improve what they've written.

If you'd like more information contact or leave a comment.

And why would you WANT information about Zoom readings of radio play scripts? Because WEKU (88.9 FM), Eastern Kentucky University's public radio station is sponsoring a radio play script contest. More specifically, Eastern Standard--a radio magazine that is broadcast on WEKU weekly is sponsoring s radio script contest.

Ten-minute radio scripts are being sought. Winning scripts will be produced and later broadcast on WEKU as part of a later Eastern Standard segment. There is not financial reward--but don't underestimate the value of being heard on Eastern Standard. EKU's service area is 22 counties, but WEKU (88.9 FM) reaches most of Kentucky.

So, if you're an underappreciated playwright, write a 10-minute radio play and--if you're among the winning script writers--know that your words will be heard across much of Kentucky and your career in theatre will be better for the opportunity!

Complete rules for the radio script contest are at

Send submissions to

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