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How to know we are back to "normal"

New York is not the center of the world; it is not even at the center of the United States--except in one area: theatre! (Alright, maybe two if you count finance.) Broadway--the Great White Way is set to make a reappearance after a lonnnnng hiatus due to the pandemic.

Recently, New York Governor Cuomo announced that Broadway could reopen. Of course, this is not as simple as say reopening a branch of Broadway Shoes. Announce today. Open tomorrow. Indeed, it will be September 2021 before shows will be up and going. Auditions must be held, contracts signed, tickets sold, rehearsals and all of the other aspects of live theatre engaged before the first door opens and the first ticket is torn. But it sure is good to know that live professional theatre is soon going LIVE! once again.





(And not a moment too soon.)

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