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Find the arts in your life

We tend to think of "art" as a particular sort of thing: paintings are arts, so are music and dance. Writers are artists. Critics are often affiliated with a particular art; drama or dance, for instance. But I think that there are others as well--auctions, for example.

Have you been to an auction? To hear the auctioneer rattle off his spiel about each item, followed by his auction patter intended to get audience members caught up in the momentum of the moment such that they raise a paddle, a hand, perhaps an eyebrow to catch the auctioneer or a bid spotter's attention.

The bid spotter can sometimes be as entertaining as the auctioneer with his varied "yup" or the flung arm to indicate he has a live bid. And then the auctioneer may speed up, or down as the noise and excitement rises or falls and he (or she) attempts to get audience members to raise their bids to make money for the person whose items are being sold.

Due to the Corona virus pandemic many auctions have gone online. And though the noise of a live auction is largely missing the excitement remains as auction goers check in to see how their favorite item is selling. And if they no longer have the high bid they can sign in to rise their bid. In fact during the last minutes of an online auction the auction of popular items are extended each time someone bids; its at those moments that an auction comes alive.

Want to see for yourself. Tune in to a live auction being broadcast or streamed. Online auctions are regularly held by the following auction houses. Check out a few when time allows:

Bluegrass Auction & Appraisal:

Caswell Prewitt Realty (and art & antique) Auctions:

Cowan Auctions: A Hindman Co.:

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