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Enjoy a fun Footprints Outreach fundraiser

To raise funds to support individuals who are dealing with addiction, abuse, homelessness or at risk of recidivism Footprints Outreach and Support is holding a Queens of Comedy fundraiser at the Bard Theatre, 1801 Bardstown Road in Louisville, on 1 October beginning at 6pm.

The mission of Footprints Outreach and Support, Inc is to "help addicts, abuse victims, homeless adults and inmates reentering society transition into independence with strength, boldness and poise." The organization, though based in Bowling Green, KY, regularly holds fun fundraisers at the Bard Theatre in Louisville as well as in the Bowling Green area.

More information about both this fundraiser as well as other scheduled events can be found at or on the Footprints Outreach website:

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