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Coming soon: Bill's very fine and good month of August

Bill McCann is scheduled to have a very good August. First up, he is going to marry Jeanine Grant Lister with whom he has lived for almost 10 years, first in Corinth, KY and more recently in Winchester; that will be followed by a brief honeymoon and then it is back to work as his full-length play "Boats Against the Current" will be given a reading at Ragged Edge Community Theatre in Harrodsburg the evening of August 7th at 7pm.

"Boats Against the Current" is about how one man, Harrisson Morriss, deals with his instance of Alzheimer's disease as it takes place in his mind, his memories and reality. Because of this unique approach the audience only sees what Harrisson sees. It also means that the actor playing Harrisson is on stage for all but about 2 minutes of the play's 90 minute run time. For more about the play you may read the review of the original production of "Boats," which was produced by Flashback Theatre in Feb/Mar 2019. Additionally, you may also read the first ten pages of the script on the website.

Finally, from August 20- 22 Bill's 10-minute play "Vacation Fallout" will be produced at Village Players of Ft. Thomas on a bill of other 10-minute plays all on the vacation theme. Incidentally, this play is a bit of a rewrite of another play, "There is No Wrigley Field" which was given a production at Spotlight Playhouse in Berea in 2019 as part of that theatre's short play festival.

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