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Boats Against the Current

Last night, Saturday August 7th, my play was given a staged reading at Ragged Edge Community Theatre in Harrodsburg, KY. It was so good to see it on its feet, with live actors giving voice to characters I haven't heard from since March 2019. I am hopeful that this reading may lead to more and future productions. Below are some pictures from that event.

The pictures are all courtesy of Nick Lacy who took pictures of all three staged readings in this years's NEW WORKS FESTIVAL. Nick is also the photographer who photographed the original production of Boats Against the Current when it was first produced at Flashback Theater, Somerset, KY. In that instance, Nick actually followed the production from its workshop production to first read through of the full production to final produced performances. Many thanks to Nick for his interest in my work and for supporting the work of both Flashback Theater and Ragged Edge Community Theatre.

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