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At the KY State Fair

I'm a huge fan of the Kentucky State Fair. I first went in the summer of 1968 when my grandfather, John Y. Brown, Sr. took my sister Laura and I. And fairly regularly since then, I've gone back. The last couple of times--in 2019 and again this year--I went because I had entered photos in the fair. I don't know if my photos show any "talent" by me or not; but I enjoy the "hunt" for a good shot.

This year's photos were taken in June, while Jeanine and I were vacationing in Maine with my siblings. The first of these was taken inside the house where we stayed; it is called "Stairwell Still Life." The second was taken in Acadia National Park and is called "Monster Outside My Window."

Both photos won ribbons at the Clark County Fair and Horse Show. Neither won a ribbon at the Fair.

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