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April is National Poetry Month

April is a month for poets. So write a poem. On Sunday the Winchester Sun posted a poem by Winchester poet Becky Shepherd:


I push away from the shore in a white canoe of dreams, I navigate it swiftly through glassy crystal streams, I stop and visit the island of people I used to know, They stand on the shore and wave goodbye when I tell them I must go, I see a bridge ahead, of opportunities long passed, And I glide beneath it’s archway into a sea of mistakes so vast, I quickly press forward toward a yellow light aglow, It’s the light on the porch of my childhood home, and my arms refuse to row, The house suddenly bids me come, and I step from my canoe of dreams, And go inside for a little while and relive some childhood scenes, The dark night sky has lightened, and morning is coming soon, So I step back into my canoe of dreams in the light of the fading moon, I let the glassy crystal sea pull me towards my cozy bed, And I wake up from my dreamland travels with shadows in my head.

If you have a poem you'd like considered for publication in the Sun send it to by April 8, 2022.

Winchester resident and poet Becky Shepherd

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